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Over The Years Many Customers Have Written To Share Their Success Story About Using Climinax.

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Climinax Success Stories

Over The Years Many Customers Have Written To Share Their Success Story About Using Climinax.

12 Minutes Longer Than Before!

Needless to say having a new girlfriend changes things for a guy. I get a lot more “excited” and really want to show her a good time. I really wanted to make a good impression. I can’t tell you how truly embarrassing it is to come 4 minutes into sex. So far Climinax has helped me last 12 minutes longer than before. Usually with a new girl I struggle at around 3-5 minutes or so… Using Climinax I’ve been able to last a full 17 minutes – and this with a new girl! Very pleased. -John Giannelli

This Morning My Wife Commented On My Stamina!

“This morning my wife commented on my stamina… All she said was “wow, that’s the longest best sex we’ve had in a REALLY long time.” So far she’s been liking the extra stamina and the extra sex… wink, wink. This morning she said our sex life was getting better as we get older. The pc flexes you suggested have helped a lot. Struggling with this problem my whole life seems silly now that you’ve given me a way to last longer. From a guy who use to last 7-8 minutes, who now lasts 22+ thank you!” -Erwin Brandt

I originally struggled at 10 minutes, even with my wife of 8 years.

I’ve extended my lasting time in bed to over 15 minutes. I originally struggled at 4-6 minutes.  I love sex as much as the next guy. When I did ejaculate before I satisfied my wife it was killing me. I worried constantly that she would leave me. This has given me freedom and a sense of well being that I can’t even explain.  It’s a great product! I just wanted to say thanks…” -Michael Ays

Your Product Has Worked out Really Well For Me

“As a guy who’s struggled with premature ejaculation issues my whole life, I’m excited to report that your product has worked out really well for me.  I have been worried about this so’s held me back from even trying to have a meaningful relationship. Thank you for making a product that’s not all hype. You have a friendly staff.  PS. I’m able to hold off on ejaculating for almost a half hour now!” -Sean Cheetham

We had sex for a whole hour!

“I have been using your product religously. I haven’t missed a day. The other night I put it to the test. I took the pills 20 minutes before sex like you instructed. It took me an hour to finish. Unbelievable. The girl kept smiling at me and saying how good I was. That has never happenened to me ever.  This was money well spent. I like to have lots of sex. I’ve tried all kinds of performance boosters. This stuff really works. I rocked her world.”-Richard Petersen

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